Patent published on August 10, 2023

Fitbit Sense's New Feature: A Simple Watch That Predicts Your Sickness

Fitbit, the renowned health and fitness technology brand, has taken another leap forward with its latest addition—the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. Registered under the patent number US20230248320A1, this device is not just a timekeeping gadget. In a way, it can predict if you're coming down with a bug.

The latest incarnation of the Fitbit Sense adds a new twist to the health smartwatch game by incorporating a feature that can monitor your health conditions through your wrist. Employing advanced computer learning techniques, Fitbit Sense can measure your body's warmth directly from your wrist, thereby offering potential early signals of an illness.

Imagine this scenario: You're wearing Fitbit Sense on your wrist. The watch is comfortably snuggled around your wrist and it's recording your body's temperature. At the same time, it's also keeping a tab on its own core temperature. If your temperature and the smartwatch's inside temperature show significant changes, it might signal that something is wrong. You might be falling sick.

But measuring your temperature is just the start. Going one step further, Fitbit Sense can monitor how fast or slow your heart is beating, even while you sleep. Coupled with the temperature readings, this data can provide important indications if you're catching an illness, making the smartwatch a representative of your personal health management tool.

Using the new feature doesn't require you to be familiar with complicated technology nor terms like "Threshold Specificity Sensitivity." All that data processing runs silently inside the smartwatch as you go about your daily life. The goal is just to keep you informed about potential health issues, which helps you to nip them in the bud.

This breakthrough invention by Fitbit further pushes the bounds of wearable health tech. It's a simple device that fits on your wrist and arms you with knowledge about your health. Devices that can measure body figures such as respiration rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability are valuable additions in our health toolkit. But a device that can not only measure these figures but also predict possible illnesses, raises the bar substantially.

Nevertheless, while individuals love the prospect of having a smart watch predict their sickness, it is important to recognize that as of now, Fitbit Sense and this functionality is merely a patent. Emitting excitement about its potential is understandable, but whether it becomes available on the market remains uncertain. Let's absolutely stay tuned for what Fitbit has up its sleeve. Because clearly, health prediction may soon literally become a hands-on affair.

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