Patent published on August 17, 2023

Make Gaming Easier with Fixture S1 Play & Charge Kit's New Holder for Your Portable Game Screen

The gamer’s world is abuzz with Fixture Gaming's new patent that aims to redefine the handheld gaming experience. The company recently published patent number US20230256350A1 introducing a potential new addition to their specific product, the Fixture S1 Play & Charge Kit. It's the latest thing in innovation for video gaming, promising to lift the gaming experience quite literally to new heights!

Picture this: You're knee-deep in your favorite game, holding your portable screen while manually handling your game controller. Suddenly, you're faced with the need to charge your game system or simply rest it somewhere while you take a moment's breather. With the traditional set-up, you're looking at a disruption in your gameplay and potentially losing your progress.

That's where the new patent from Fixture Gaming comes in. This unique invention is a special holder for your portable game screen that can attach directly to your game controller. But this is not just a regular holder. It's like having an extra set of hands without the fuss!

You can secure your game screen above your controller so you can easily see and navigate the action while holding it. Perfect for those marathon gaming sessions or overtime battles against the final boss. But hold on, the magic doesn’t end here. You can even place it on a table, keeping the action alive and screen visible while you're playing with your squad. Who said video games weren't a social activity?

Taking it a level up, the holder also comes with an added bonus - a unique feature that allows you to charge your game system while you play, located right at the bottom. Say goodbye to those nerve-wracking 'low battery' warnings in the middle of an intense match.

The patent shows various ways the holder can be positioned. You don’t have to fear about it being rigid or hard to adjust. You can rotate it and even couple it with a display and controller to make your gaming experience more comfortable and convenient.

Suitable for gaming fans who love their pro controllers, this patent could be a groundbreaking addition to the field of gaming.

But before you get your credit card out and start refreshing the Fixture Gaming website, remember this is still a patent, not a surefire product set for release. Whether or not we'll see this innovative holder gracing game stores or e-commerce platforms, only time will tell!

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