Patent published on September 14, 2023

New Patent Could Revolutionize Gaming with Unique Player Tokens

The world of gaming could be on the verge of a massive evolution, thanks to a recent patent by Galiant Arts titled: GENERATING AND UPDATING PLAYER TOKEN NFTS AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH, patent number US20230285864A1. The issue at hand is the lack of individuality and ownership within the online gaming space, especially in multiplayer games.

Today's gamers face a common problem while engaging in their daily quests and tournaments: lack of personalised experience. Every gamer is different in their reflexes, strategic thinking and skills, but current games fail to reflect this uniqueness.

Galiant Arts' patent attempts to tackle this issue head-on. The innovative system aims to create a unique gaming token for every player in a multiplayer gaming ecosystem. The patent strives to make this a reality by incorporating player stats, images and other pertinent information into the online token. What we get is a gaming token as unique as the player it represents.

Integrating such a system will have far-reaching impacts on both the gaming industry and its user base. Gamers will be able to own their tokens, creating an unmatched sense of ownership and personalisation. Just imagine, each game of Fortnite, PUBG or COD could look and feel drastically different based on these unique tokens.

Moreover, these tokens can impact the way these games get played. Gamers could trade tokens like collectables, borrow tokens for particular games and even authenticate their ownership of a particular game.

But it's not only about individual gamers; this system has broader implications for the multiplayer gaming industry as a whole. By limiting the number of competitors in each game or tournament, resources can be allocated more efficiently, leading to a smoother gaming experience.

Take a moment to think about how this could impact the real-life scenarios. A Harry Potter fan could own a unique token related to the series and gain benefits in a game designed around those films. Similarly, a unique token associated with a product could offer advantages in a game sponsored by that product's producer.

It's important to note this landscape-changing innovation has yet to become a reality. It's still a patent, and there's no guarantee it will eventually hit the market. However, the patent's promising potential could be an exciting development for all the gaming enthusiasts out there, offering an individualistic gaming experience we've never seen before.

P.S: As previously stated, Galiant Arts' system is still a patent (US20230285864A1) and isn't guaranteed to become an available product in the market in the near or extended future. Nonetheless, the advancement embodies significant potential for revolutionizing the gaming world by providing an enhanced and personalized gaming experience.

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