Patent published on August 24, 2023

Future of Gaming: 'Updating Every Move' Patent Could Revolutionize Gameplay

In recent years, the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology has birthed a new, intriguing sector of digital assets, known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - unique digital tokens that can represent anything from art pieces to — more recently — parts of video games. However, a new patent labelled 'Updating Game NFTs Based on Game Play' (US20230264106A1) aims to solve a problem this growing industry is facing.

At the heart of the issue is the nature of blockchain, the underlying technology behind most NFTs. In simple terms, it is a system of recording information that makes it near impossible to change, hack, or cheat. For NFTs in gaming, this can cause difficulty. As the technology doesn't support the capacity for data manipulation within overlapping time spans, alterations based on gameplay (like updating an in-game NFT's statistics after leveling up in a video game) are essentially impossible to achieve.

The patent, submitted by Galiant Arts, aims to resolve this problem by providing a unique platform to generate, store, collect, and display game NFTs that include playable content. As a result, each player's gaming accomplishments and advancements can be captured in the unique, unalterable metadata of their game-related NFTs. This revolutionary system could offer players the opportunity to fully "own" specific in-game content and provide tradable, limited-edition game collector items.

Imagine a world where your digital football card not only symbolizes your favorite player but also evolves with their real-life performance. Each goal, each game, each memorable instance, captured and solidified in the form of an NFT. Your card changes and matures as the player does. The patent could reshape the digital asset trading industry, adding tangible value to game-owned NFTs.

However, it's imperative to remember that as of now, this is merely a patent. While the idea appears intriguing and potentially groundbreaking, there's no guarantee it will make its way into the market. Yet the possibility suggests an exciting future for blockchain-based gaming and the use of NFTs.

The gaming industry operates using a language of innovation, and this newly filed patent by Galiant Arts using blockchain reminds us that creation and evolution are essential parts of gameplay — extending beyond the screen and into our understanding of value and ownership.

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