Patent published on August 10, 2023

Video Game Trading Made Easy & Secure with Galiant Art's New Gaming Platform

"Revolutionizing the realm of video gaming, Galiant Arts has opened up a brand-new chapter with its innovative patent, labelled under the number US20230249079A1. The famed company is threading fresh gaming landscapes with its unique online platform, aiming to emulate the thrills of conventional collection hobbies, such as Pokemon cards, in the digital sphere.

Dubbed as the 'Galiant Arts NFT Gaming Platform,' this novel invention permits gamers to explore, select, and engage with an array of distinct video games. Going by the term NFTs, for Non-Fungible Tokens, these games are digital collectibles, each with their unique characteristics and value. Gamers can play these games on their routine devices like computers or smartphones.

A fascinating aspect of this system is its foundation on a complex technology known as 'blockchain.' It's akin to a digital ledger that records transactions across many computers for higher security. This complexity makes it impossible for the human mind to fiddle and manipulate the data, assuring that your unique video game collectible remains solely yours.

The exciting advantage of Galiant Arts' platform is that it trumps traditional gaming platforms by allowing users to generate, store, collect, display and use game NFTs that hold playable content. This method allows gamers to 'own' playable versions of games that can be streamed to their devices. One can trade these unique video game tokens, akin to trading collectable limited edition game cards, and borrowers can play authenticated versions of these games.

The advanced technology behind this makes it possible to act swiftly, within milliseconds, to perform these complex data manipulations and transactions that a human mind can't perform. The system also can electronically receive and transmit digital data, which is not possible manually. It can even store this digital data electronically, another task that cannot depend upon the human brain.

While The New York Times had access to the highly detailed 'Figures' accompanying the patent submission, they exhibit how this platform would work. However, considering the comprehensible nature of this medium, and potential language barriers, we refrained from including complicated interpretations.

As excited as we game enthusiasts might be, it's crucial to remember that Galiant Arts' NFT Gaming Platform is just a patented technology at present. Owning trademarks or patents doesn't necessarily equate to commercialization. Whether it will materialize in the marketplace in the future remains uncertain. However, we certainly keep our eyes peeled for the next revolution in the gaming industry."

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