Patent published on July 25, 2023

Garmin's Futuristic Wrist-Wearable Device for Enhanced User Experience

No matter the situation, Garmin never fails to amaze us with its cutting-edge technology. Recently, Garmin International has patented a futuristic device that may change the way we experience our daily activities.

This device, which is to be worn on the wrist, has lights and a sensor that can recognize when the wrist is in a forward or rearward position. This wrist-wearable device will turn on the lights based on the position of the wrist. It is designed to make life easier and more comfortable for athletes, especially those who exercise in conditions of varying visibility, such as at dusk, at night, at dawn, in fog, in haze, in rain, in sleet, or in snow.

The patent, for this device, is a regular utility patent application that claims priority benefit of an earlier-filed U.S. Provisional Application entitled “WEARABLE DEVICE WITH INTEGRATED FLASHLIGHT”, Ser. No. 63/177,204, filed Apr. 20, 2021.

Athletes often carry a flashlight to see and/or be seen while exercising, but with the help of this wrist-wearable device, it will no longer be necessary. It can be used to measure speed, distance, and other metrics, as well as provide visibility in conditions of varying visibility in a much more convenient and comfortable way.

The device is designed to be compact, durable, and lightweight, making it an ideal and comfortable companion while exercising. It sits securely on the wrist, so there is no need to worry about it slipping off. Plus, its sleek and modern design makes it a fashionable piece of equipment.

The device is also expected to be integrated with other features like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, further enhancing its user experience. It might also be integrated with a smartphone app, allowing users to track their exercise activities and progress.

This patent is exciting news for athletes everywhere, as it will make their lives much easier and more comfortable. However, it is important to note that this is only a patent, and there is no guarantee that this device will make it to the market. Nevertheless, it is an interesting development, and it will be fascinating to see how this technology will be used in the future.

The device, if it does make it to the market, will be a great addition to the range of innovative products that Garmin has to offer. It is yet another example of Garmin’s dedication to providing its users with the best and most comfortable experience possible.

Patent number US11711877B2 belongs to Garmin International and is for a device that you wear on your wrist. It has lights and a sensor that can tell when your wrist is in a forward or rearward position.

It is a very exciting development for athletes and all those who love to stay active. With this device, Garmin has once again proven its commitment to providing users with the best and most comfortable experience possible. It remains to be seen if this device will make it to the market or not, but it is certainly an interesting concept.

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