Patent published on September 28, 2023

New Patent Could Make Poem Writing Easier with 'Poetic Text Editor'

Writing poems can both be an art and an exercise in frustration, especially to navigate the intricate web of rhymes and rhythms. With a lack of a helpful system for visually tracking rhymes and rhythms, authors may accidentally omit or error in their content. Moreover, comparing non-adjacent lines for similarity in rhymes and rhythms is both laborious and prone to mistakes. Not to mention, writers inexperienced with poems and songs may struggle with the basic format of these literary forms. Existing writing tools also fall short in suggesting rhyming words, often tossing up cliché and overly predictable options, and failing to consider imperfect or unconventional rhymes.

Looking to address these issues in a unique approach is the newly patented "Text Editor for Literary Works with Rhyme or Rhythm," bearing the patent number: US20230306185A1. This inventive text editing software, also referred to as 'Poetic Text Editor,' aims at transforming the way authors write literary pieces with rhymes or rhythms, like songs or poems.

This inventive tool from Gary Bloom goes beyond traditional text composition software offerings. It is capable of rearranging lines, subdividing words into syllables, and highlighting sections that contribute to the rhythm. In essence, the tool can provide a visual representation of elements typically unseen in plain text writing. The 'Poetic Text Editor' also comes with an innovative 'rhyming engine' that suggesting rhyming words, both perfect and nearly perfect rhymes, aiding authors to explore options that are both pleasing to the ears and interesting.

Visualizing such complex elements in a visible and intuitive manner can make the process more effortless. It also eliminates the need for manual transposition of lines to check rhyme and rhythm compatibility. This innovative tool can also act as a guide, offering formatting templates to beginners, and minimizing the struggle of starting to write a new poem or song from scratch.

While the 'Poetic Text Editor' has the potential to revolutionize the creation of literary works with rhyme or rhythm, it should be noted that just as any patent, there's no guarantee it'll find its way to the user market in short term or even ever. Regardless, the conception of this system opens up interesting possibilities for those engaged in the writing arena.

The world of literary creation is ever-evolving, and this 'Poetic Text Editor' throws light on yet another direction it may take. It envisions a future where an aspiring songwriter can draft their tunes without laboring over finding the perfect rhyme or a poet isn't bogged down by rhythm alignment worries. Let's remember though, that it's still a patent and we'll have to wait and see if and when it becomes a tangible product.

P.S.: Just as any patent, it's worth noting that this doesn't guarantee a market appearance. It remains to be seen if and how this inventive solution will turn into a usable product.

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