Patent published on November 9, 2023

New Patent Promises to Revolutionize Gel Blaster Surge Game's Scoring System

A common pastime, particularly among kids and teens, is playing with toy guns that emit harmless projectiles. Games like Gel Blaster Surge provide an adrenaline rush without the risks involved in actual combat sports. However, the excitement often leads to disputes about who hit whom and which shots should be awarded points.

Indeed, this lack of precision in point attribution leads to frustration which can, over time, strip the fun from these games. The challenge of accurately determining whether a target or player has been hit during gameplay is a significant problem. The issue becomes more amplified when multiple players get involved and keeping track of hits and attributing them accurately to the corresponding shooter becomes a daunting task.

This problem is now being addressed by a breakthrough patent (US20230356095A1) by Gel Blaster. Titled "SMART TARGET CO-WITNESSING HIT ATTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD", this invention introduces a special system that can accurately track hits during a game, and enable precise attribution of each hit to the respective shooter or device.

In simpler terms, this patented technology functions like an intelligent referee that sees all shots fired, knows when a participant is hit, and accurately determines who gets the credit for each hit. The toy gun, or "blaster," in this system can represent many possible digital weapons in the game, each with its characteristics, such as fire rate and reload time.

Once the system is in play, the players would only have to physically reload their blaster every time it runs out of projectiles physically. In some gaming scenarios, when a player is eliminated, his blaster would be disabled until the new game begins or a player revives them via specific in-game actions.

Life post this invention would include games that score accurately and fairly, providing for more interactive gameplay and increased immersion in the gaming experience. Imagine your kids playing in the backyard, with blasters that can take on the characteristics of different weapons. Imagine them thrilled to see accurate real-time updates about their game score, knowing that every shot they make counts.

Gone will be the days where the fun ends in arguments about who shot who. With this new patent, every participant's score will be confidently known, creating a more enjoyable, fair, and exciting gaming experience.

It's important to note, however, that this is merely a patent. This doesn't guarantee its arrival on the market anytime soon, or at all. Nonetheless, the prospect of such a development adds an interesting angle to the future of toy combat games.

P.S. Even though it's a patent, there's no surety that it will appear in the market as a product. Patents give an exclusive right to the inventor, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's ready for the real world yet. Let's hope for the best and wait to see the change it promises to bring in the gaming world.

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