Patent published on September 19, 2023

Patent Could Let Genesys Cloud Users Pick Chat Partners to Avoid Bots

In an increasingly digital world, customer service has found a new home--online chats. Yet, one problem that overly frustrates client communication has been the automatic assignment of chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to customers seeking support. The cited issue with this practice, represented in patent number US11763318B2, is the AI chatbots limited ability to provide comprehensive help, an aspect that often leaves customers itching to speak with a real human as quickly as possible. The insufficiency of a swift switch to human interaction fuels customer frustration, especially when time is of the essence.

The recently published communication sector patent by Genesys Cloud Services titled "Systems and methods relating to providing chat services to customers" provides a promising solution to this problem. The innovative invention offers customers the power to specify if they prefer an AI chatbot or a live human for interaction. The chat service system has been engineered to honor this preference, ensuring customers are routed directly to their choice of chat partner.

In a post-patent world, clients will now gain control over their online help experience, significantly reducing frustration levels. Consider a scenario where a customer wants immediate help with a product defect but communicates better verbally than in written form. Instead of laboring with a chatbot, the customer can determine their preference for human interaction. On the flip side, some customers might prefer chatbots to avoid potential hold times or if they're multitasking.

However, all said and done, it's worth mentioning that the patent is primarily a design document and doesn't necessarily mean this feature will undoubtedly appear on the company's communication platforms soon. In essence, a patent saves the company's rights to the concept, leaving the release or implementation of the feature at their discretion. For now, customers can only hope to see this much-needed invention actualized sooner rather than later.

P.S. Being just a patent, there is no guarantee that this concept will definitely see the light of day in the marketplace. The company, Genesys Cloud Services, has just safeguarded their right to this idea. Hence, the actual rollout or implementation is purely their call.

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