Patent published on August 15, 2023

SecureTrak's New Tracking Tool Makes Guarding Safer and Easier


At the core of innovation, Global Tel*Link recently secured a patent for a game-changing device that could renovate how guards operate in controlled environments. The patent, tagged as US11727789B2, outlines the design and functionality of a tracking tool intended for its product lineup under the brand SecureTrak.

The operating difficulties faced by guards in controlled zones have long been a gray spot. Traditional monitoring and communication systems often pose challenges in maintaining seamless contact between guards and control centers. Speaking of dangers, being off the grid even momentarily can bring a hoard of complications such as delayed threat recognition and slow response times. Lack of adequate monitoring can even lead to malpractices such as illegal import of banned goods.

Enter SecureTrack's ingenious device, envisaged to end these predicaments. Keeping in mind how smart devices have proved handy in similar situations, the new product uses wireless signals to ascertain the guards' location in real-time. Not only this, it overlays virtual data upon real-world scenarios or in layman language, it shows computer-made things with actual things at the same time to help guards make the most of their surroundings.

While lost in the labyrinth of controlled environments, this device could be an essential lifeline the guards didn’t know they needed. The control center could track guard activities and monitor their status more efficiently and in real-time with this tool, enhancing the response time to any potential threats.

Possible perks extend even further. The patented technology has been designed to offer the freedom to use it as a wearable gadget. This miniaturized version offers more convenience, a shorter response time, and ease of carrying around as per the guards' comfort.

Amid these functionalities, the tool relies on the use of a multi-functional platform control center system for operations. Various diagrams included in the patent filing shed light on aspects such as communication systems, augmented reality device, portable device, wearable gadget, and control center operations, among others.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember the golden rule of patents - the filing of a patent does not guarantee that the product will see the light of the day in the marketplace. While it's an exciting phase in the world of guarded environments, the wait-and-watch game is on to see if SecureTrak's cutting-edge tool will undergo production.

Whether it makes it to the market or remains confined to the blueprints, for now, the US11727789B2 patent represents the driving spirit of innovation to make complex and critical tasks as guarding safer and easier than ever before.

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