Patent published on September 28, 2023

Patent Promises Cruise AV Could Transform Boring Rides into Adventurous Journeys

In our contemporary era, commuting has become more of a chore than a delight - stuck in heavy traffic under dismal weather conditions or amidst noisy city centers. The dull reality of these trips often forces passengers to escape into the tiny screens of their phones, eschewing interaction for virtual solace. However, this could soon change thanks to GM Cruise Holdings' recent patent bearing the number US20230306693A1, titled "AUGMENTED IN-VEHICLE EXPERIENCES."

The primary issue currently is the monotony and predictability of the rides, exacerbated by potentially unpleasant realities outside, with seemingly little to differentiate one trip from another. The invention aims to transform this ordinary experience into an extraordinary one, with passengers able to immerse themselves in a fascinating augmented reality adventure, rather than isolating themselves with their mobile devices.

This innovative patent essentially turns an autonomous vehicle, exemplified by Cruise AV, into a lively video game, replacing the conventional sights with attractive and interactive elements. Through the use of sensors and maps, it ensures the augmented outlook aligns with the vehicle's exact geographical location. Furthermore, the route itself can influence the virtual scenario, injecting variation and novelty into the trips.

Imagine departing for work on a dreary day, but instead of gazing at rain-splattered street, you are climbing an enchanted mountain brimming with magical creatures. Or think of the joy for children stuck in a traffic jam, to look outside and see a dinosaur race alongside the car. This signifies the potential revolution in transportation to be ushered in by this patent.

However, in concluding, it's important to remember that a patent publication does not guarantee its eventual marketing. Whether or not this fascinating invention will end up appearing in the actual market remains uncertain. Yet, the anticipation of transforming our mundane rides into thrilling journeys definitely piques interest and brings a touch of whimsy into our everyday reality.

Figures provided alongside the patent give insight into how this system operates, but it's important to remember this vision is still encapsulated within the realms of 'a patent,' and whether we will be seeing such innovation on our streets is yet to be seen.

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