Patent published on October 19, 2023

Google's Patent Could Make Assistant Remember Past Chats

In today's world where artificial intelligence and virtual voice assistants are growing exponentially, there's a pending issue at hand: these systems have short-term memories. For instance, if you've done a quick chat with Google Assistant about a restaurant you want to visit, and you went back for more details an hour later, the Assistant might not recall that past interaction. This can lead to redundant conversations, causing minor frustration and waste of time for the user.

The issue here is that these virtual assistants can't remember past interactions or tap into previous dialogues to generate context-aware responses. Every new interaction, every fresh command or query, is treated as an isolated event.

However, Google's newly filed patent titled 'Retrieving Context from Previous Sessions' (Patent No: US20230334044A1) might just have the answer. According to abstract and detailed specifications, Google aims to enhance their voice assistant's capability to remember and utilize information from past conversations. Imagine asking Google Assistant about the weather forecast for your planned beach trip two hours later, and it remembers your plan, offering to set a reminder or suggest activities based on the weather.

Such an upgrade would revolutionize the way we interact with these virtual assistants. Let's say you converse with your Google Assistant about purchasing a book online but get interrupted. When you return and initiate the conversation saying, "Let's continue where we left off...", the Assistant will exactly know what you're talking about. This makes digital interactions more human and effortless.

Your virtual assistant could become your ultimate companion, keeping track of your favorite topics, appointments, and helping out in your daily tasks. It could remember that you have dance class every Tuesday or that you prefer a particular bakery for your breakfast muffins, minimizing your input over time.

But before we let our imaginations run wild, it's important to keep in mind that this is, as of today, just a patent. In the world of tech and innovation, not all patents make it to the final product stage. However, the concept does open up intriguing possibilities for the future of Google Assistant and artificial intelligence as a whole.

Although there are no set dates or certainty for when or if this technology will hit the market, we may soon witness a world where our virtual assistants don't just comprehend and execute commands but engage in mindful, context-aware conversations, remembering our preferences and staying involved in our daily routine, just like a real assistant would.

P. S. To clarify, please remember this is only a patent filed by Google and there's no guarantee it will be pursued into a market-ready product. This is speculative technology at the moment, and while it holds exciting possibilities, it's not definite that we will see these updates in the foreseeable future.

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