Patent published on July 27, 2023

Seamless Conversation Handoff: Google's New Assistant Feature Expands Device Capabilities

Google has released a new patent that could revolutionize how we communicate with our digital assistants. The patent, US20230239596A1, is for a seamless conversation handoff feature that could allow users to continue their conversations with an assistant across different devices.

Imagine the possibilities: you could start talking to a Google Assistant on your phone, then move to your laptop and continue the conversation there. The assistant will be able to recognize the device switch and pick up from where the conversation left off without any interruption.

The patent states that the conversation handoff feature will be enabled by the assistant or a digital assistant system. When the conversation needs to be moved to another device, the assistant or system will send a request to the other device with the conversation’s information.

The patent also suggests that the conversation handoff will be able to work on different computing platforms with different capabilities. For example, the conversation could start on a device with an audio-based user interface and then move to a device with a graphical user interface.

Google is no stranger to digital assistant technology. It already offers Google Assistant, a voice-activated assistant for its range of devices, including its smartphones, tablets, and smart speakers. It could be that Google is hoping to expand its assistant capabilities with this new feature.

With this patent, Google might be looking to make conversations with its assistant more natural and intuitive, allowing users to switch devices seamlessly in the middle of a conversation. With its voice recognition technology, Google Assistant could also recognize that the user has changed devices in the middle of a conversation and pick up from where the conversation left off.

The patent does not guarantee that this feature will necessarily come to the market, but if it does, it could revolutionize the way we interact with digital assistants. It could make conversations with assistants smoother, more natural, and more intuitive.

Google is a leader in digital assistant technology, and this conversation handoff feature could be another example of its groundbreaking technology. For now, it’s unclear when this feature might be released, but it could be one of many developments that Google has planned to further improve the digital assistant experience.

This patent is just one example of how Google is pushing digital assistant technology forward. The company has already made impressive strides in the field, and with this new patent, it might be looking to revolutionize how we communicate with our digital assistants. We might not know when this feature might come to the market, but it could be a major step forward for digital assistant technology.

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