Patent published on July 27, 2023

Google's Latest Patent Aims to Enhance Reminders with Smart List Accumulation

We all have those moments when we forget things. Whether it's an important meeting or a grocery list, forgetting can cause a lot of stress and hassle. That's why Google has come up with a new patent that could make forgetting a thing of the past.

Google's latest patent, US20230237074A1, is all about helping us remember. It focuses on smart list accumulation, which is a computer program that can recognize when you type in certain words that you need to remember. This program stores this information so that it can be accessed later.

The new patent is part of the ever-evolving trend of cloud-based services, search engines, and other services and media available on user devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the recent advancements in speech-to-text processing systems, users are now able to experience a much more fluid and intuitive user experience.

One of the services that can be accessed through the new patent is the setting of reminders. For example, if you type in “remind me to buy milk this evening”, it will invoke a reminder process that will ask for additional information such as a time or a location. This way, the system can remind you when you need to buy milk.

This patent seeks to make the reminder-setting process easier and more efficient. It is designed to be able to recognize specific words or phrases that you type in and to store them in a list to be accessed later. It is also designed to be able to recognize more complex commands such as “remind me to buy milk when I get to the grocery store” or “remind me to call Mom tomorrow at 8am”. This way, you can be sure that you won't miss any important tasks.

As with any patent, there is no guarantee that this technology will actually be put into practice. However, it is certainly intriguing to think about the potential implications of such a technology. It could make it much easier to keep track of important tasks and to remember things that we would otherwise forget.

Google's new patent could be a great addition to the user experience. It could make setting reminders easier and more efficient, and it could make us more productive. Of course, only time will tell if this patent actually comes to fruition, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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