Patent published on October 5, 2023

Google's New Patent Might Make Pixel Buds Less Noisy

In a society that is constantly on the move, noise has become an overwhelming part of everyday existence. Be it the incessant honking on the streets, the whirring and buzzing of gadgets, or even the chatter in a busy cafe. Amidst all this, a person cherishes peaceful moments, where they can enjoy their favorite music or podcast uninterrupted. But alas! The intrusive reality of ambient noise vapors the serenity. Google, in its patent no. US20230317049A1, is trying to effectively tackle this problem.

The heart of the issue lies in the noise-canceling technology of personal audio devices. How it theoretically should work is straightforward: the technology identifies external noise (like traffic or hum of a fan), processes it and then emits an opposite wave to cancel it out, allowing listeners to enjoy pure audio. But the actual scenario is far from perfect. The earbuds often struggle to fully cancel out the noise. A high-pitched hissing noise or ringing in the ear is a common issue faced by users of earbuds.

Google, has geared up to address this problem. Their recent patent elaborates on an earbud that is designed to reduce external noise more effectively. The earbud has a speaker, a unique pathway for sound, and a small microphone positioned strategically to sense the effectiveness of noise reduction. The patent details all the technological aspects that will make the maximum noise cancellation possible for the listener.

So, what might be the scenario after this hurdle is resolved? Imagine yourself in a bustling subway, plugged in with these unique earbuds. As the subway rumbles and passengers chatter, you will be in your serene audio space, enjoying your favorite symphony or catching up on the latest podcast, unperturbed. This golden silence could be the reality of the world after this patented technology is rolled out.

However, it's important to remember that patents don’t always translate into market-ready products. While there’s no guarantee this technology will come to Google's Pixel Buds or any other audio devices, these do represent areas where Google is forwarding its research and resources. But if it does make a breakthrough, it could provide a significant boost to Google’s standing in the audio market by enhancing the user’s listening experience.

P.S.: This article is based on a recent patent filing and does not guarantee the availability of the product in the near future.

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