Patent published on July 25, 2023

Google Patents Seamless Data Handoff System for Nearby Devices

We’ve all been there. You’re working on a project on your laptop, and then you need to switch to your smartphone. But it’s such a hassle to transfer the data from one device to the other. Google just patented a system to make that process a lot easier.

Google’s new patent, US11711689B2, describes a system for seamless data handoff between nearby devices. In short, the system allows devices to detect when they’re in proximity to each other and then securely exchange data without having to connect. This would make it easier to share content quickly and securely.

The patent describes a modern home where multiple computing devices are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other via a local area network. Examples of these devices include smart TVs, laptops, desktops, exercise equipment, and smartphones.

The patent explains how it might be convenient for data or an application being processed on one device to be handed off to another device. For instance, a user could be running an exercise application that requires the user to change locations. The application or data could be securely handed off from one device to another as the user moves around.

This patent could have some pretty cool applications. Imagine if you could share a large file from your laptop to your smartphone in a matter of seconds, without having to manually transfer it. Or if you could switch between a laptop and a desktop without having to save your work and reopen it on a different device.

It’s also possible that this technology could be used for more than just data handoff. For instance, it could be used for authentication purposes or to detect when multiple devices are in the same vicinity.

Of course, this technology is still in the patent phase, so there’s no way of knowing if or when it will make its way to market. That being said, this type of system could make our lives a lot easier and help us do things more quickly and securely.

Google’s patent US11711689B2 could revolutionize the way we share data between devices, making it easier and more secure. While this technology is still in the patent phase, it’s possible that it could come to market in the future and make our lives a lot easier. Until then, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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