Patent published on November 9, 2023

Google's New Patent Could Make Glasses Smarter in Conversations

Innovation is the cornerstone of our society, and Internet behemoth Google is known for being at the front line of such advancements. Their freshly issued patent, US20230359241A1, outlines a revolutionary method to change how we interact with wearable gadgets, paving the way for an amazing future.

The pertinent problem at hand circles around the way we engage with smart glasses. While they offer remarkable features, cluttered screens and diverted notifications often cause users to miss out on essential information. Plus, recognizing whether the wearer is engaged in a conversation or, who the conversation is with can be tricky.

These issues create a tangle of inconvenience, reducing a device's potential to virtually nil. If users cannot interact efficiently with their smart glasses, dissatisfaction and frustration lead to abandonment of the product.

However, with Google's new patent, these problems might soon be in the rear mirror. The tech giant proposes a 'special wearable gadget', like smart glasses, that can discern faces, recognize when a conversation is taking place and with whom. The patent solves the problem using a 'conversation graph,' a smart mapping system that meticulously curates what is displayed on the screen based on the ongoing conversation.

Imagine the landscape transformed by this prowess. If it's an unfamiliar face, the glasses could fish out the person's LinkedIn or Facebook profile for a quick introduction. The glass could display details relevant to your conversation in real time, from past related emails to suggested responses. Walking into a boardroom wearing such glasses could instantly provide key details about everyone around the table, arming you with critical information and creating a seamless interaction.

Along with presenting relevant content, these smart glasses could also filter out irrelevant notifications, ensuring the screen is free from clutter while you're engaged in conversation. Various figures like FIG. 1D and FIG. 1F released with the patent exhibit these functionalities in an everyday setup, outlining how users can directly benefit from the proposed system.

Still, it's important to note, while this patent showcases Google's innovative spirit, it doesn't necessarily mean we will see these smart glasses hitting the market soon. Like any patent, the road from paper to production is steep and filled with uncertainties.

P.S. This article is based on a new patent, and hence, there is no surety whether this technology will ever see the light of day. Despite the promising potential outlined in the patent, many such ideas never make it to market, falling prey to various hurdles from feasibility to funding.

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