Patent published on August 22, 2023

New Patent Could Let Pokemon Go Players Fight Together

In recent years, the rise of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go has encouraged millions to step outside and interact with the world around them in fun and exciting ways. But for all its innovation, one central issue has kept it from reaching its full potential: players cannot engage with each other directly within the game. More specifically, they are unable to communicate or collaboratively interact with the same virtual objects from their own perspective view. This creates a disjointed, less-immersive experience and limits the strategic elements of multiplayer battles.

This problem can have far-reaching implications. For instance, in Pokemon Go, raid battles where multiple players take on a formidable raid boss have been a popular feature. However, not being able to communicate or strategize with fellow players in real-time is quite restrictive and dilutes the overall gaming experience.

But all this could change with the introduction of a new system and method for rendering perspective adjusted views, as revealed in the newly published Patent no: US11734791B2 by the company Groundspeak. This innovative technology lets one smartphone or tablet 'register' or connect with another device by sharing special constantly changing codes. The intriguing aspect of these constantly changing codes is that they fluctuate based on specific information about the device.

By doing this, the invention allows connected devices to display the same view or picture from different perspectives. This means that players can see the same virtual object in the real world, but from different viewpoints based on their respective locations. This can greatly enhance the interactive and immersive nature of games like Pokemon Go, fostering more engaging and cooperative multiplayer environments.

Consider an example: You and your friend come across a rare Pokemon. Instead of trying to battle the creature separately, you two can now tag team, communicating to coordinate strikes or even plan diversion tactics. This could take multiplayer gaming to a whole new level, making Pokemon Go Battles and other AR games more exciting, more strategic, and more social.

However, while the implications of this patent are undeniably exciting, it's important to note that this is still just a patent. There's no guarantee that it will enter the market or when it will be applied to the current version of Pokemon Go or other augmented reality games. Nonetheless, this new invention has the potential to radically alter the gaming landscape by tackling the longstanding issue of player interaction in AR games.

P.S. Remember, a patent is a step of progress, but it doesn't always mean a guaranteed product or feature. It's an exciting possibility on the horizon, and we will keep our eyes on the updates for you.

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