Patent published on December 7, 2023

New Patent Could Make Guardian Call's Emergency Alert System Faster and More Reliable

Imagine a world where a child's safety at school is at risk and a teacher, under pressure and in a state of fearful shock, fumbles to unlock their phone and dial 911. The time lost could be critical. Guardian Call Solutions address this terrifying scenario with their newly patented invention, the 'System and device for rapid communication with emergency responders during a crisis' (Patent No. US20230394954A1).

This invention aims to tackle a significant problem. In high-stress emergencies at school, such as a violent attack, physiological responses hinder actions like unlocking a cell phone or dialing a number. Moreover, identifying the exact location of the emergency can be an added challenge. In addition, the current process of notification involves multiple steps that eat up crucial minutes, potentially leading to an increase in casualties.

Guardian Call Solutions' patent presents an innovative solution to these problems. Their invention is a wearable gadget, resembling a watch or a pendant, which teachers and staff can use in emergencies. Instead of wasting precious minutes unlocking phones and dialing numbers, a simple press on the device sets off a chain of notifications. These alerts don't just reach emergency services, but also a school's main computer. The computer then triggers various safety protocols including sounding alarms, sending text and email alerts, and potentially initiating lockdown procedures.

Once this invention is implemented, it promises to drastically change the response to emergencies in schools. Picture a situation where a teacher observes a threat. With a simple press on a button, they can instantly alert authorities while simultaneously setting off an alarm throughout the school. By eliminating the need for multiple steps and people to communicate the danger, the wearable gadget makes the emergency response faster and potentially reduces the risk for everyone involved.

A real estate agent meeting a prospective buyer in an isolated property also could benefit from such a device. If they feel their safety is jeopardized, a discreet press on the wearable gadget can summon help much more quickly than a phone could.

However, as effective as this solution seems, it's important to note that this is a patent, and there's no guarantee it will make it to the market.

P.S. It's crucial to remember that although ideas like these are patented, there's no certainty they'll become an actual product. The path from a patent to a marketable device is a long and potentially difficult journey.

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