Patent published on September 28, 2023

New Patent Could Help HCL's SMARTWatch Keep Track of Employees

Time and attendance management has been a crucial issue in the work domain. Ensuring employees are where they are supposed to be within their work premises is an uphill battle. Besides, knowing their whereabouts is even more difficult in larger establishments, resulting in potential revenue loss and hurdles in operations. For instance, if an employee assigned to a specific section wanders off, customers in need of assistance might fail to receive help, or shelves may not get restocked in time.

Bringing light to these troubles, a recent patent published with number US20230306374A1 showcases a potential game-changer. This patent, titled 'INTELLIGENT TIME AND ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF,' combines wearable technology and intelligent systems to address the problem.

The patent, advanced by HCL Technologies, seeks to remedy the problem through a custom wearable gadget, dubbed as a SMARTWatch. This innovative wearable records the wearer's information and transmits it to an intelligent system. This system, in return, calculates the distance between the wearer and the system.

To break it down further, the smart system would identify if an employee is at their authorized area, moving within expected boundaries, or if there are any unusual behaviors which may warrant managerial attention. With a detailed monitoring process like this, the probability of buck-passing, where an individual gives their time and attendance device to another person to mark attendance on his or her behalf, is less likely to ply.

The inventiveness of this patent lies in its ability to uphold accountability. It's like having a smart helper always looking out for the company's operations' best interest. It would revolutionize workplaces, enhancing their operations, and optimizing personnel management.

Looking ahead, the face of the corporate world seems to be in for a major revamp. Once this integrated system finds its place in the market, it may become an indispensable tool for various establishments, including retail stores, factories, and offices.

Through its use, managers could effortlessly ensure that employees don't deviate from their assigned places, hence promoting task efficiency and time optimization. Imagine walking into a retail store and finding it adequately staffed with employees right in their assigned sections, ready to assist you anytime. This level of efficient workforce management could spell enormous revenue gains for the companies.

P.S. Keep in mind, this is currently a patent and there is no solid guarantee if or when it will materialize in the market. However, the transformative potential that it carries could certainly bring a much-needed shift in employee management.

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