Patent published on August 8, 2023

Say Hello to the AirTag Hermès Key Ring: A Clever Cover that Safeguards your Device Without Blocking Signals

The world of telecommunications is about to witness a significant shift as a recent patent promises to address a longstanding challenge faced by consumers. Under patent number US11722167B2 lies a unique and innovative cover explicitly designed for gadgets.

Creating protective accessories for gadgets is no new territory, yet the challenge grows with every new technological advancement, especially with the proliferation of 5G technology. The issue at hand is that the network signals, which are pivotal for the optimum performance of the devices, become weak or blocked entirely when a protective cover is applied. These barriers are more problematic when dealing with the new age, ultra-fast 5G networks and their accompanying higher frequencies.

This patented invention promises to shield your gadget without dampening its ability to perform at high speed. The inventors have creatively produced a twin material cover that protects the contraption and simultaneously allows the network signals to function uninhibited. In essence, you will be able to safeguard your device from knocks and bumps without any signal degradation.

The secret to the fruition of this miracle is the ingenious positioning of the special material. The inventors have ensured that it is positioned near the antenna areas. This strategic placing ensures that your device’s form and function remain uncompromised while giving it that much-needed layer of security.

One can surmise from the exhaustive collection of figures that accompany this patent that the device, when installed with such a cover, looks no different from its normal state. Yet, it subtly packs in the added advantage of robust protection and uncompromised signal quality.

A patent's existence doesn't guarantee its translation to the market shelves. However, should this cutting-edge protector ring make its debut on the market, it could potentially be housed under the brand of the AirTag Hermès Key Ring. Given its promising design and functionality, it could well be an exciting addition to the world of electronic accessories and a solution to a problem that has been limiting the full potential of 5G-based gadgets for some time now.

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