Patent published on October 12, 2023

New Patent Might Make HIWAVE System Smartly Connect Like-Minded People

In the ever-expanding digital age, where we're constantly bombarded by the opinions of others across various social mediums, wouldn't it be handy if there was a smart way to connect with those who share our sentiments? HIWAVE technologies' new patent might just be the answer. The patent US20230325857A1, titled "METHOD AND SYSTEM OF SENTIMENT-BASED SELECTIVE USER ENGAGEMENT", is stepping in to solve this pivotal problem.

Traditionally, sharing your thoughts online has been a bit like tossing a pebble into a vast ocean- powerful, yet lost in the magnitude of the digital sea. This unstructured system fosters disconnection and often results in discord and misunderstanding. This very problem of data anonymity and disjointedness of insight is what the patent aims to unravel.

HIWAVE’s patent articulates a system that sorts and connects online-user sentiments. If these sentiments align with certain criteria, the system will prompt users to engage in particular activities or discussions. Think of something like a virtual mediator for your digital interactions.

The internet, post this development, will look different. For example, consider posting your thoughts on climate change on a social platform. Normally, your comments get drowned amidst a sea of varying viewpoints. But with this new system, not only does your viewpoint get highlighted, but you also get connected to similar minds. You may even be invited to participate in activities or discussions that align with your perspective.

This is a leap forward in making the digital world more like a community rather than a chaotic marketplace of ideas. It extends a level of personification and connection we've been missing in our online experience.

In turn, HIWAVE’s Sentiment Engagement System could aid in shining a light on otherwise overlooked thoughts and fostering passionate communities built on shared beliefs and, more importantly, mutual respect.

This new patent, however, is not a guaranteed product on the market. Like any patent, its practical implementation and availability depends on multiple factors, legal, logistic, or technical. What’s undeniable, though, is the potential it holds to redefine online discourse. At its core, this innovation reminds us that technology can and should make our digital experience more humane, empathetic and resilient.

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