Patent published on November 16, 2023

Patent Might Enhance Honor Magic3 Pro's Sound Pickup, Even Amid Noisy Surroundings

Life, as we know it, is teeming with noises. From the thick urban hum of New York to the discordant chitters of woodland creatures, sound is inherently a part of our existence. But what happens when this clamor interrupts the quality of our digital communications? What happens when we can't clearly hear our loved ones during video calls just because we're in a bustling coffee shop or when we're trying to capture a valuable moment on video amidst a boisterous environment?

The tech company, Honor Device Co., in its newly published patent titled 'Sound Pickup Method For Terminal Device Through Bluetooth Peripheral And Terminal Device' (US20230370541A1) addresses this sonic challenge that can upset our digital interactions.

Audio difficulties persist, particularly in scenarios involving video recording or livestreaming through mobile devices. The problem intensifies when the mobile device is stationed at some distance from the person being recorded, or when the environmental noise escalates, disrupting the audio quality. Add to that the often-compromised sound picked up through Bluetooth peripherals in situations involving elevated noise levels or poor channel quality, which renders a subpar audio quality that hampers user experience — these are the issues this patent is taking head-on.

Honor's patented method claims to resolve these issues by employing a terminal device (like a mobile phone) through a Bluetooth peripheral to enhance sound picking. The patent's solution works in a scenario where the terminal device is used for audio and video services such as livestreaming or video recording. This way, sound can be picked up via the Bluetooth peripheral, thereby potentially intensifying the volume.

The key provision of the patent revolves around treating the first audio data stream sent by the Bluetooth device with specific sound effect processing that enhances the sound effect of this first audio data stream. Consequently, despite being some distance away from the person being recorded or in a noisy setting, the terminal device can still deliver a superior sound pickup effect that can improve the user experience considerably.

Imagine being at a high school graduation and trying to document your child's valedictory speech amidst the enthusiastic applause and chatter. With this invention implemented in your phone, you would be able to record the speech clearly, lending the skies the limit to where, when, and what you can record.

When envisioning a future post-implementation of this patented method by Honor, we might be on the cusp of a new era of audio recordings. This could mean that irrespective of the environmental noise levels around you or the relative distance from the person being recorded by your device, you can expect a vibrant and precise audio performance improving your user experience significantly.

However, it's important to remember that this potential solution is part and parcel of a patent, and there's no certainty whether it will eventually make its way to the market. But the promise it holds to revolutionize the audio experience in the time of video calls and livestreaming is indeed intriguing and worth waiting for.

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