Patent published on November 2, 2023

New Patent Could Revolutionize Hori's Fighting Commander Controller, Reducing Mistakes in Gameplay

In the rapidly evolving world of video gaming, precision and error-free input is the holy grail. Recognizing this need, a recent patent proposes to enhance this gaming experience significantly by addressing the issue of erroneous input from game machine controllers.

Patent US20230347238A1, filed by the company HORI CO, relates to improving a game machine controller to eliminate errors in input from the controller. These faulty inputs hamper the player's control over the characters in the game, causing the gameplay to veer off the intended course.

This error in player control is not restricted to certain games but is a universal issue faced by gamers. In the heat of gameplay, pressing the wrong button or unintentionally pressing multiple buttons simultaneously can lead to undesired actions, affecting the game outcome.

The patent offers the solution in the form of an upgraded controller featuring a special and advanced cross key pad. The controller is designed to suppress erroneous operations when adjacent keys are pressed simultaneously, which typically cause input in one of the four diagonal directions, an incident common and particularly troublesome for players.

To fine-tune this functionality, the controller is equipped with sensors under each button that measure the force of the buttons pressed by the user and the controller responds only if the pressure applied is adequate. This ingenious feature effectively minimizes the risk of inadvertent button press, enhancing the precision of game inputs.

This innovation, when put into practice, will enrich the gaming experience, providing players with greater control over their games, which could be particularly useful in sophisticated games requiring nuanced actions.

In a fighting game, for instance, where a split-second and unintended action could be the difference between virtual life and death, the controller will ensure every punch, kick, or move is the result of a deliberate press avoiding any accidental presses to mitigate unintentional moves.

Moreover, users will have the freedom to set the ease of inputs for different directions according to their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. These settings can be adjusted using a smartphone, enabling a more personalized gaming experience.

While this patent promises to usher in a new era of precision gaming, it's essential to note that it is a patent - a blueprint for a potential product. There’s no guarantee when or even if the controller will hit the retail shelves. As always, the real test will come when gamers get their hands on it.

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