Patent published on May 23, 2024

Huawei's Patent: Improved Method to Adjust Volume on Electronic Devices

Improved Method to Adjust Volume on Electronic Devices

In a recent patent filing, Huawei Technologies Co. has introduced an innovative solution to a prevalent problem faced by users of gadgets – the ability to adjust volume levels accurately and effortlessly. The patent, under the title "Volume Adjustment Method and System, and Electronic Device" with the patent number US20240171826A1, addresses the shortcomings in existing volume control mechanisms by leveraging wearable technology.

The core problem that the patent aims to solve is the difficulty users encounter when adjusting the volume on their gadgets based on their proximity to the source of the sound. Currently, users typically adjust volume through physical buttons or touch controls on their devices or connected peripherals. However, these methods do not take into account the influence of ambient noise on the desired volume levels. Consequently, users often struggle to find the perfect balance between hearing the intended sound and avoiding excessive noise.

The newly patented method offers a novel approach to volume adjustment by integrating a wearable gadget that can capture and analyze ambient sound. This wearable gadget, termed the Smart Sound Adjuster, serves as an interface between the user and the gadget, acting as an intelligent mediator.

By leveraging the wearable gadget's ability to perceive sound and noise in the environment, the system determines the optimal volume level based on the user's preferences. It takes into account factors such as distance from the source and the surrounding noise levels to strike the perfect balance. This real-time analysis ensures that the adjusted volume caters to the user's needs, whether they are close to the gadget or at a distance.

The impact of this patent can revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with gadgets. Imagine seamlessly watching a movie or listening to music where the volume adjusts automatically depending on your location and the surrounding noise. No longer will you have to struggle to hear dialogues or suffer from jarring sounds when there is sudden silence in a scene.

Furthermore, this technology extends beyond entertainment devices. It can be integrated into smartphones, smart TVs, audio systems, and other gadgets where sound plays a significant role. The patent figures depict scenarios where the wearable gadget interacts with a gadget, enabling a communication connection for seamless volume adjustment, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 5. The method encompasses steps for analyzing ambient noise, determining the adjusted volume, and displaying relevant information on the wearable gadget, illustrated in Figure 3 and Figure 6A to Figure 6C.

This patented technology has the potential to enhance user experiences and eliminate the frustration of inadequate volume control. It empowers users to enjoy media without constantly adjusting the volume, ensuring an immersive and satisfying audiovisual experience.

It is important to note that the patent, although a promising innovation, does not guarantee its immediate appearance in the market. As with any patent, further development, refinement, and market analysis are required before the technology becomes commercially available.


This article covers an innovative patent by Huawei Technologies Co., which introduces an improved method for adjusting volume on gadgets. While this patent showcases a promising solution, it is important to note that its availability in the market is uncertain.

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