Patent published on February 8, 2024

Patent Invention: Smarter Way for Electronic and Audio Devices to Play Sound

Huawei Technologies Co. has recently introduced a groundbreaking patent, known as the Codec Negotiation and Switching Method (Patent Number: US20240045643A1), offering a smarter approach for electronic and audio devices to play sound. This invention aims to tackle the core problem of interrupted audio data and stalling that occurs during codec switching, thus significantly improving user experience.

The advent of digital communication has revolutionized the way we listen to music or engage with audio content. However, when network quality deteriorates or users opt for higher sound quality, gadgets face the challenge of switching to a more suitable encoder, which requires renegotiating with the audio play device on a codec type. This process typically results in the interruption of audio data, causing stalling and affecting the overall user experience.

To address this issue, Huawei's patent introduces a novel solution. Instead of pausing the audio data transmission during codec switching, this technology ensures a seamless transition that avoids any disruption in sound. The gadget and audio play device collaboratively determine a common codec category based on a negotiation. With this negotiation mechanism, both devices identify a compatible codec to efficiently transmit audio data without interruption.

Imagine a scenario where you are streaming your favorite song or engaging in a critical business conference call. With the implementation of Huawei's patent, the device will automatically switch codecs without interrupting the audio stream. Users will no longer experience annoying pauses or stalling during codec transitions.

The benefits of this patent are not limited to individual users; they extend to diverse scenarios and industries. For instance, in professional audio production, seamless codec switching ensures uninterrupted recording sessions, where even the briefest interruption could affect the quality of the final product. In the gaming industry, real-time communication between players will be greatly enhanced as codec switching is performed flawlessly in the background. Moreover, online streaming platforms will be able to provide users with higher-quality audio without any buffering or stalling issues.

Huawei's Codec Negotiation and Switching Method paves the way for a future where audio devices seamlessly adapt to changing network conditions and user preferences. This patent represents a significant step forward in enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring uninterrupted audio delivery across various applications and industries.

It is important to note that this article describes a recently published patent and does not guarantee its future availability in the market. However, the potential impact of this innovation on the audio industry is undeniable, as it addresses a persistent problem and offers a tangible solution that could lead to improved user experiences in the realm of audio playback.

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