Patent published on September 21, 2023

New Patent Could Make Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Smarter on Calls

Huawei Technologies has recently filed a patent that aims to address a significant complication for wearable gadgets. The patent, titled "Bluetooth Communication Method, Wearable Device, and System," bearing the number US20230299806A1, introduces a new method of Bluetooth-based communication primarily between a wearable and a gadget like a smartphone.

Let's use an example we all know – picture your smartwatch constantly connected to your phone through Bluetooth. It's handy, but it can create issues. As per this patent, however, when not in use, devices would disconnect from Bluetooth, only reconnecting automatically when there's an incoming call. Furthermore, you would be able to answer the call with your wearable gadget, thus eliminating delays and avoiding mishandling of calls.

But why is this a big deal? Imagine trying to use a voice chat feature or a video call in an app like WhatsApp while relying on your smartwatch for audio. It's not only inconvenient; it can also hamper the overall user experience, as switching between your watch and phone can be a cumbersome affair.

The solution presented in the patent eradicates this stumbling block. When the gadget receives a call, it requests a connection from the wearable. The wearable gadget understands based on this request whether it's the first call service (i.e., a direct phone call) or a second call service (like a voice chat over an instant messaging service). If it's not the first call service, the wearable gadget refuses the connection, allowing the gadget to process the audio through its speaker or microphone.

This approach improves user experience by preventing unnecessary waiting periods associated with repeated connection and disconnection events. It hastens the processing of services like voice chats or audio calls and ensures the wearable gadget can promptly answer incoming calls without unwanted delays.

The future seems brighter with this potential enhancement. Huawei's breakthrough, if implemented, could provide a seamless connection for receiving calls, ideally in gadgets like the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. Imagine comfortably shifting from receiving a WhatsApp voice note on your phone to receiving an incoming call on your watch without any fuss. Such integrative simplicity is what we all desire in our gadgets, and this patent is a step toward realizing that.

Notably, the patent included a variety of diagrams and figures to elaborate on the novel method and depicted real-world scenarios to aid understanding. These representations give us a glimpse of how future device interaction could look, underlining the innovation's potential to transform digital communication dramatically.

However, we should remember a crucial factor - just because a patent has been filed does not guarantee it will see the light of day in the consumer market. Patents serve as a blueprint, a theoretical model that companies may decide to implement on their actual products at their discretion.

Conclusively, pending any hitches, Huawei's patent could usher in an era of enhanced, seamless digital interaction, making our wearable gadgets smarter and more user-friendly. Amid a rapidly evolving tech landscape, we can only expect more problem-solving innovations like this from leading players. P.S. It's worth noting that while these are exciting developments, the appearance of an approved patent in the market isn't guaranteed.

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