Patent published on February 1, 2024

Huawei Patents New Wireless Headphones Connection Method

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. has recently been granted a patent for their innovative TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headset connection method and device. The patent, with the number US20240040481A1, addresses a core problem experienced by users of wireless headphones.

The issue arises from the incompatibility of different Bluetooth protocol stacks corresponding to various profiles. This lack of compatibility results in time-consuming switching between applications, causing noticeable pauses for the users. For example, when a Bluetooth headset wearer is playing a game and then switches to communicate with a teammate, there is a delay in the transition between different audio profiles. As a result, the user experiences an interruption in audio playback.

Moreover, the existing BR/EDR Bluetooth protocol does not support isochronous data transmission in a point-to-multipoint piconet. This means that data sent by a master device to multiple slave devices is not synchronously transmitted, resulting in unsynchronized signals.

To solve these issues, HUAWEI's patented technology introduces an improved connection method for TWS headsets. The innovative method allows for faster and more efficient connection establishment, reducing waiting times for users. The power consumption of the TWS headset is also significantly reduced compared to existing methods.

The patent's method involves the scanning of signals from devices to connect to, followed by the transmission of a signal from the headphones to indicate their availability for connection. If no signals are found during the scanning phase, the headphones decide whether to connect to a previously paired device. The decision is based on predefined criteria. This novel approach optimizes the connection process, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted audio experiences.

With the implementation of this patented technology, the future of wireless headphones will be transformed. Users will enjoy hassle-free and rapid connections between their headphones and their preferred devices. There will be no more frustrating pauses or interruptions in audio playback during transitions between different applications.

For instance, imagine a gaming enthusiast wearing Huawei's FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones. During gameplay, the headphones seamlessly deliver the game's background sound. When the user initiates communication with a teammate, the headphones swiftly switch to the appropriate audio profile to ensure clear voice transmission. This technological advancement enhances the overall gaming experience, providing uninterrupted audio throughout.

However, it's important to note that this is a patent and its direct implementation in the market is not yet guaranteed. Patents serve as evidence of technological innovations and the intellectual property rights of their inventors. Companies often file patents to protect their ideas and concepts. While this patent showcases HUAWEI's commitment to improving wireless audio experiences, it's uncertain whether this specific invention will be available to consumers in the near future.

In conclusion, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. has received a patent for their TWS headset connection method and device. This innovation aims to solve the issues of incompatibility and pauses experienced during transitions between different Bluetooth profiles. If implemented in the future, this technology will revolutionize wireless headphone usage, providing users with seamless connections and uninterrupted audio experiences.

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