Patent published on August 10, 2023

Easy Reach Storage Box by IMC: A Simple and Quick Way to Access Your Things

In this ever-busy world, quick and easy access to personal belongings is becoming increasingly essential. IMC, the renowned company, has introduced a new patent marking a breakthrough in this area, namely the 'Easy Reach Storage Box,' which carries the patent number US20230248128A1. The invention seeks to simplify life by making the access to our stowed items as hassle-free as possible. This patent caters to the problem of time-consuming and uncomfortable access to items in bags or storage devices, often positioned behind us.

The Easy Reach Storage Box, as the title suggests, revolves around easy access. The invention is essentially an innovative storage box with a sliding mechanism allowing it to move in and out. This function aids individuals in quickly reaching and grabbing their items. It potentially could have attachments to wearable items, thus giving a unique mobility function to the storage system. It's like having a pocket that can come to you instead of you going to it!

This unique idea is a boon to many who use backpacks, bags, vests with compartments, or even wheelchair bags regularly. Although these devices are quite efficient at carrying various items, getting access to the stored items often involves removing or repositioning the device, which can be troublesome and time-consuming.

The patent presents its solution in the form of figures portraying the invention's concept and feasible applications. The images illustrate various prototypes of the rapid access storage system, from individual devices to full systems linked to wheelchairs or wearable vests.

IMC has a history of coming up with innovative solutions for everyday problems. The 'Easy Reach Storage Box’ stands out as another potential game-changer from them. Whether the patent will eventually materialize into a product for the market, under the name of 'IMC Mobility Assist Storage System,' is still uncertain given the nature of patents.

In conclusion, while the 'Easy Reach Storage Box' by IMC creates an exciting promise of a simple and quick way to access personal items, one must understand that this is a patent. It's an idea seeking protection and might take a while before it could wind up in our homes, cars, or on our backs. But, as it stands, it's indeed an invention worth keeping an eye on!

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