Patent published on November 2, 2023

New Patent Could Make Indian Motorcycle's Ride Command System Hear You Better

Riding down the road, basking in the glory of the sun, and suddenly, your favorite jam comes on the radio, or you need to send a quick message to your friend. But wait, you're on your motorcycle, and typically that involves pressing buttons or manually typing out messages on a screen - not an ideal thing to do while driving. But what if there's a way around it? According to a recently lodged patent (no: US20230352037A1) by Indian Motorcycle International, riders might soon have an easier, and more importantly, safer way to interact with their bikes.

The stumbling block being addressed by the patent is ambient noise. The initial problem is that the noise of the road and the roar of the engine often interfere with normal voice commands. The issue has caused major hindrances in terms of safety and usability for riders.

They plan to overcome the problem by introducing a new system that can receive and recognise your voice, much like a smartphone does. The innovative part? An accelerometer, mounted on your helmet, registers the vibrations of your vocal cords in real time. This ensures that whatever you say is picked up clearly, regardless of the ambient noise that is so prevalent when riding a motorcycle.

Imagine living in a world where we no longer fumble for our phones at red lights, or pull over to reply to an important message. With this patent, riders could simply speak their message or command, and the system would register and act accordingly. It's about merging safety and convenience in a delightful blend, a blend that every motorcyclist will appreciate. Picture yourself cruising down the freeway yelling out your commands, with the system registering and executing them flawlessly.

It's important to note that this is a patent for a proposed system. While an incredibly exciting advancement, we cannot guarantee that it will appear on the next model of Indian Motorcycles. As of now, it's a promising look into a safer and more convenient future for motorcyclists everywhere. We keep our fingers crossed for it to transition from the patent papers into the real world.

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