Patent published on April 9, 2024

New Invention Helps You Remember to Take Your Medicine - INHANDPLUS Patent

New Invention Helps You Remember to Take Your Medicine

A recently published patent by INHANDPLUS, titled "Wearable device for medication adherence monitoring" (Patent Number: US11950922B2), addresses a common problem faced by many individuals - forgetting to take their medication on time. This innovative patent aims to solve this issue by introducing a system that helps people remember to take their prescribed medicine.

The core problem being solved by this patent is the lack of adherence to medication schedules due to forgetfulness. Taking medication on time is crucial for effective treatment of various health conditions. However, many individuals struggle to consistently follow their prescribed dosage regimens, which can lead to complications and suboptimal health outcomes.

The patent addresses the issues arising from forgetfulness by introducing a two-part system. The first part is a small device that attaches to the medicine bottle. This device can detect if someone picks up the bottle or if it's too dark to see. When it senses activity, it sends a signal to the second part of the system—a wearable gadget equipped with a camera.

The wearable gadget captures a video of the individual taking their medication, ensuring they are doing so correctly. This video can then be analyzed to determine if the medication adherence is being followed. By using this system, individuals can receive reminders and visual confirmation of their medication taking, helping them stay on track with their treatment plans.

Once this problem is effectively solved, the world will see significant improvements in medication adherence rates. People will no longer have to rely solely on their memory to remember when to take their medication. Instead, they will have the support of this innovative system, which not only reminds them but also provides visual evidence of adherence.

Imagine a scenario where an older adult is prescribed multiple medications that need to be taken at different times throughout the day. With the aid of the wearable gadget, they receive timely reminders and can easily verify their adherence by watching the captured videos. Similarly, individuals with complex medication regimens or busy schedules can greatly benefit from this technology.

It is important to note that this patent describes the solution to the problem, but its appearance in the market is uncertain. However, if implemented, this breakthrough invention has the potential to revolutionize medication adherence practices and improve health outcomes for countless individuals.

[P.S. Please note that this article discusses the details of a patent, and there is no guarantee that this invention will be available in the market anytime soon.]

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