Patent published on November 16, 2023

Patent Points to Vending Chairs That Could Sense Your Needs

In a world filled with distractions, managing to capture a consumer's attention is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. A recently filed patent, US20230368599A1, seeks to tackle this problem headfirst, targeting the bustling market of out-of-home advertisements and potentially revolutionizing the way businesses command customer focus.

The problem that the patent grapples with is a clear one. Traditional forms of digital and physical advertising are losing their charm, succumbing to the allure of ever-more interactive and engaging mobile devices. Enter the “Vending Massage Chair”, a patented invention that incorporates interactive elements to drastically redefine the user experience.

So, how does it work exactly? To grasp the patent's full ingenuity, we need to imagine a vending machine transformed into a chair. As you sit, the chair begins to assess your body temperature across different areas. Based on the data collected, the machine offers a uniquely tailored experience. This ingeniously turns a mundane advertising encounter into an interactive and personalized moment, enhancing the user's connection with the vending machine, thus increasing their engagement with the advertisements displayed and magnifying potential revenues.

But what does that mean for everyday life? Try to imagine a world where, on your daily commute to work, you can sit down, relax and receive a personal massage, tailored to your exact needs. Waiting for your train no longer feels like a waste of time. Instead, it becomes an opportunity for a quick, relaxing break. At the same time, businesses get to communicate their message effectively, directly benefitting from your enhanced attention and engagement.

Now, let's imagine you're in a shopping center, feeling weary from a long day's shopping. Spotting one of these interactive vending chairs, you decide to take a quick, rejuvenative break. As you enjoy your massage, targeted offers and exclusive deals pop up on the interactive panel of the chair. Reminded of some pending gift purchases, you quickly swipe through the offers, securing a brilliant deal without having to trawl through strenuous shopping aisles.

But remember, while the opportunities sketched out from this patent seem exciting, we're still discussing a patent. There is no certainty whether this innovative concept will ever hit the market, or if it does, how soon that would be. Patents represent a mere hint at potential future products, subjecting to countless variables along the way from potential commercialization to market launch. So while the concept might be fascinating, it's always best to stay patient and keep your fingers crossed for what the future might bring.

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