Patent published on April 4, 2024

New York Times Article Title: "Innovative Patent Detects Human or Machine Voice on Phone Calls"

Innovative Patent Detects Human or Machine Voice on Phone Calls

An inventive patent has recently been published by INVOCA, titled "DIALOG ANALYSIS USING VOICE ENERGY LEVEL" (patent number: US20240114090A1), which presents a solution to the core problem of distinguishing between human and machine voices during phone calls. This groundbreaking technology aims to address the growing challenges faced by call centers and customer service agents in determining the nature of their phone conversations.

One of the primary complications in call analysis is the varying quality of phone calls and the presence of coherent noises. Traditional methods often require extensive computational power, large training datasets, and feature engineering, making them computationally intensive and time-consuming. To tackle these challenges, the ingenious voice energy level analyzer program uses a different approach.

The patent describes a computer program capable of analyzing audio data from phone calls by dividing it into different parts and measuring the loudness of each segment. By doing so, the program can discern whether a person or a machine answered the call based on the presence or absence of conversation and machine-generated noises. This innovative technology provides an efficient means of differentiating between human and automated responses, eliminating the need for complex algorithms and intensive training.

Once this problem is solved, the world of customer service and call centers will experience a significant paradigm shift. Call center agents will be able to better evaluate and respond to customer calls, ensuring a higher level of service. Moreover, call routing and agent performance analysis will be greatly enhanced, leading to improved decision-making processes. Businesses can benefit from call center reports generated by this technology, providing valuable insights into optimizing call center performance and identifying missed opportunities.

In real-life applications, this patent can be used to develop a Voice Energy Level Analyzer, a tool utilized by customer service departments to analyze phone conversations' characteristics. This novel technology allows businesses to determine if calls were answered by human agents or directed to voicemail, streamlining call routing and improving resource allocation.

The impact of this invention stretches beyond call centers. It opens doors for an array of possibilities where understanding and distinguishing human and machine voices accurately can be beneficial. For example, companies can use this technology to gauge the effectiveness of marketing or promotional campaigns that involve customer phone interactions.

It is important to note that, being a patent, there is no guarantee that this invention will appear in the market in the near future. However, the prospect of such a technology revolutionizing call center operations and improving customer experiences is undoubtedly promising.

P.S. Please be aware that the technology described in this article is a patent and its availability in the market is not guaranteed.

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