Patent published on September 21, 2023

New Patent Could Revolutionize Job Hunting with Performance Matching on

In today's world, many job seekers face a major problem when looking for a job: they are not sure if their skills match the job requirements. At the same time, employers are also stuck, trying to determine if potential employees have the skills their company needs. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that current job matching systems only take into account data like resumes and interviews, leaving performance-based data largely overlooked. This gap in the job hunting process can lead to a misalignment of skill sets and job demands, which can result in both under and overqualified workers, and can also affect job performance and satisfaction.

A new patent, number US20230297629A1, filed by MY JOB MATCHER, INC., also known as, finds a way around these issues with a bold innovation — a performance matching system. This new system doesn't simply rely on what you say you can do; it wants to see what you can do.

The performance matching system operates in a relatively simple yet effective manner. Instead of just using pre-recorded data like your resume, it assesses your skills in real-time through skill evaluations. After evaluating your skills, the system uses what it calls a fuzzy logic system - a smart system that can make decisions even when things are a little uncertain. Using this logic system, it compares your performance data with the skill requirements of different jobs. The result? The system provides you with job options that best match your performance levels, thereby increasing the chances of a good fit between you and your future employer.

In a post-patent world, job hunting could transform into a more reliable and efficient process. Imagine a college graduate, fresh from school, with little to no work experience, but a wealth of skills. Instead of spending countless hours sending resumes and waiting for responses, they could use this system to demonstrate their skills and match with jobs accordingly. The employer, on the other hand, has a more clear assurance of the potential employee's ability to perform tasks, reducing the risk of hiring someone who isn’t the right fit.

While this patent presents promising potential, it's important to remember that it is currently just that - a patent. While the technology certainly exists to make this system a reality, there's no clear timeline for when it might be implemented. Templates, diagrams, and even mathematical functions are provided in the patent application, but whether this will move beyond words on paper and into reality remains to be seen. However, if MY JOB MATCHER, INC. succeeds in bringing this patent to life, it could mean a breakthrough in the way job hunting is conducted, giving both job seekers and employers an efficient, objective tool to find the perfect match.

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