Patent published on October 12, 2023

John Kent's Patent Could Make Bait Hooking a Breeze

Fishing, a cherished pastime shared by many, has remained largely untouched by technology, until now. An innovative patent US20230320334A1 titled "Fish Hook Insertion Assembly", introduced by John Kent, may well change the face of how we prepare our bait. This clever tool promises to take much of the complication and mess out of hooking bait fish.

The problem at hand lies within the traditional process of securing a bait fish on the hook. It’s messy, sometimes dangerous with the sharp hook, and difficult to get the exact positioning right to allow the bait fish to move naturally in the water. The issues this presents are numerous, from the physical inconvenience to the growing frustration that can put a damper on the entire fishing excursion.

Kent’s patent seeks to address these issues smartly. The concept behind this invention is to use a simple tool that can hold a bait fish securely while a line attached to the hook is threaded through its length. A long stick, which is part of this tool, comes with a sharp end designed to pierce through the bait fish starting from the mouth and exiting near the tail. A slot present on the tool latch onto the line attached to the hook, pulling it through the bait fish as the stick is removed. The result? A neatly hooked bait fish ready to be cast into the water.

Imagine a world where bait hooking is no longer a chore, but as enjoyable as the fishing itself. Removing the hassle of this task would invite more people to experience the joy of fishing, and augment the comfort of regular fishing trips. With Kent's invention, an angler's early morning outing by the lake will be far more relaxing and straightforward. Bait fishing itself may see a resurgence as the once cumbersome task of threading a hook through a slippery bait fish becomes child's play.

The patent’s request for obviousness can be seen in the Figures provided in the patent application, where it visually walks us through the process of hooking the bait using the tool, making it seem deceptively simple.

P.S.: As tantalizing as this patent sounds, it's important to remember that this invention is just that – a patent. The actual product coming to market still depends on a myriad of factors, including manufacturing, marketing, and consumer interest. So while we may all await this novel invention with bated breath, it might still be a while before you can hold in your hand this ingenious 'Fish Hook Insertion Assembly'.

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