Patent published on October 12, 2023

Patent Paves Way for Jerseys that Increase in Value with Wear

Sport enthusiast or not, the advent of sports jerseys is inevitably familiar to many. The camaraderie, the spirit of support, and the attire that unites fans around the globe is far from new. But how about the distinct notion of a jersey depreciating in value the more it is worn, especially to prestige sporting events? Through a new patent filed under number US20230325821A1, Jonathan Honig seeks to address this concern.

A sports jersey usually loses its value as it gets worn out over time, especially if its wearer attends high-profile athletic events. A key issue arises here: how does one preserve or even enhance the value of such sports apparel in this context?

To tackle this problem, the proposed patent introduces a system that links a sports jersey with a digital counterpart, known as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). In simpler terms, when you buy a jersey, you also get a unique, special digital copy of it securely linked on the internet. In virtual surroundings often known as the "Metaverse" - an online world where people can interact and participate in events, your virtuous avatar can wear this NFT jersey. The more your character wears it and attends virtual parties or gatherings, the more valuable this digital version becomes.

This theory extends to real-life applications too. When you wear your sports jersey to certain places in the real world, you can earn special deals. By showing your NFT jersey using a tracking application on your smartphone, your jersey's value increases every time you attend a sports event or go to participating bars and restaurants. For instance, you could be watching a Bengals game at Buffalo Wild Wings in your Joe Burrow Jersey, which would increase the value of your NFT.

The proposed system even caters to inevitable contingencies like the player on your jersey transferring to another team. An incorporated insurance policy assures you of a new jersey aligned with the player's move.

Imagine a world where wearing your favorite sports jersey more often actually increases its worth, both online and offline. It could shape a new direction in the realm of sports commerce, creating exciting opportunities for both sellers and buyers. While serving as utmost support for your favorite player and team, you aren't just a spectator but a valuable part of a rewarding system.

P.S. Despite the practicality and novelty presented by this patented system, whether it will hit the market soon remains uncertain. Patent filings after all are an indication of intent, and not confirmation of a product's release.

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