Patent published on August 24, 2023

New Patent Might Transform Virtual Reality Movement

Everyone has played video games or knows someone who has. These games let us enter exciting, make-believe worlds where we can be anyone and do anything. However, there is a big problem: you cannot move freely. This problem limits our game experience and makes it less enjoyable.

How does this problem come up? When we play these video games in a make-believe world, we are bound by the real-world area around us. We cannot move beyond it. This limitation creates a disjointed and impractical experience that limits our fun.

Now, a new patent, US20230267654A1, has brought forth a surprisingly simple solution, making the impossible, possible. This patent is from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Consider how frustrating it is when your character in the game can't move because you are sitting in your living room. This patent solves this problem by creating a "shared moving area" which exists both in the real-world area and the make-believe world. By adjusting the speed of the character in the game, a shared moving area is made where you can move freely.

But, how does it impact us? Imagine this: You are playing your favorite game. Now, instead of being restricted to your couch, you can actually walk around freely in your house and your movement is matched by your character in the game. It makes the gaming experience significantly more enjoyable and immersive.

Also, think of individuals who use virtual reality for training, such as astronauts or surgeons. They can now move freely and naturally within their environment, making their training much more efficient and realistic.

As exciting as this sounds, it's important we remember this is still a patent. It does not necessarily mean the technology will be available on the market. Nonetheless, the future of video gaming and virtual reality training looks promising with this breakthrough!

P.S. This is a patent and there is no guarantee when or if this technology will become available in the market.

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