Patent published on July 20, 2023

Katalys unveils seamless online shopping experience without leaving the publisher's website

It is almost the end of 2021 and the online shopping world is about to get another revolution – thanks to Katalys. The company recently unveiled a new technology that could potentially change the way we shop online.

Katalys has developed a system of interconnected software processes that can facilitate business transactions between two or more stakeholders connected via the internet. In other words, it will enable customers to buy products on a publisher's website without having to leave it.

The technology brings together three essential components for a successful online shopping experience. Firstly, it provides content about the product, which helps the buyers to make an informed decision. Secondly, it offers more product info if the user shows an interest. Finally, it allows the user to purchase the product without leaving the publisher's website.

This technology can be very beneficial for both the buyers and the sellers. For one, it gives buyers a more convenient way to shop, as they don't have to switch between different websites. At the same time, it allows sellers to provide a more intuitive shopping experience for their customers, which should help them increase their sales and profits.

Moreover, it could also help publishers by providing more opportunities for monetizing their website. They could make money by hosting ads related to products, or even by allowing customers to purchase products directly through their website.

What's interesting about this technology is that it's designed to be modular and can be customized to suit different business needs. This means that merchants can tailor the system to meet their specific requirements.

This technology could also have a huge impact on the online advertising industry. For one, it could help advertisers target users more effectively, as they can track how users interact with their products when they're on a publisher's website. This could lead to more accurate and efficient campaigns, resulting in higher returns on ad spend.

It's worth noting that this technology is still in the development stage and there's no telling when exactly it will be available for use. However, it is an interesting concept that could revolutionize the way we shop online.

So while this technology is still in early stages, it could revolutionize the way we shop online and give merchants and publishers an opportunity to monetize their websites. All in all, it has the potential to make the online shopping experience a lot more efficient and convenient.

It should be noted that the technology described in this article is a patent, identified with the patent number US20230230153A1, filed by Katalys. There is no guarantee that this patent will make it to the market, but it is an intriguing concept that could change the way we shop online.

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