Patent published on October 26, 2023

Keys' New Patent Might Make Texting Easier for Everyone

In today's age, meaningful and effective communication has emerged as a vital life skill. While phone calls and video conferencing have taken the center stage during current times; texting, emails, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and various dating applications have all surged in importance, becoming our go-to options for quick, convenient communication.

However, let's admit it, not everyone is a maestro when it comes to penning down their thoughts. You might be having the intent, but not finding the right words can often be a stumbling block that chips away at the functionality and fluidity of our electronic communications.

In a bid to address this exact problem, the company ‘Keys’ has filed for a patent – the US20230341950A1, titled Intelligent Keyboard. It is a new-age, intelligent keyboard for your phone or computer that promises to make your messaging smoother by suggesting entire phrases based upon the category of conversation and your personal intent.

Up until now, your phones or computers would suggest words, auto-complete or do auto-correction based on your writing style. But there's a fundamental shift with this patent at play. It is not just about predicting the next word. Rather, it suggests phrases to kickstart your conversation. By capturing data related to user-category interactions, activity, engagement patterns, and user profiles, this AI-powered keyboard promises to get to know you better, learns from its mistakes, improves the suggestions over time, and delivers a customized, adaptive, and engaging user experience.

Envision, you are drafting an email to a colleague about a meeting to discuss project details. This new intelligent keyboard, with its superior predictive capabilities, would help by suggesting whole phrases like "Shall we schedule a meeting to discuss...?" or "Can we meet tomorrow to talk about...?", based on previous similar conversations. This can significantly cut down time spent crafting messages.

The images of the keyboard in action figure out how it works and what it would look like on your device. With the help of the flooding smart technology everywhere, Keys' Intelligent Keyboard could very well be the future of weighted messaging.

It is important to note that despite the promise and potential, this is just a patent for now. There is no certainty of this technology making its way to the market soon. But if and when it does, the world of electronic messaging could look substantially different and efficient.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though – this is a patent, a promise of a potentially exciting technological advancement. But, a patent does not necessarily translate to an immediate product or service. It remains to be seen if this intelligent keyboard will find its way to our daily lives. However, the path it carves towards a more efficient and customized user experience, surely makes it one to watch out for.

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