Patent published on September 7, 2023

Khoros Marketing Patent Could Prevent Overload from Multiple Social Media Posts

When it comes to social media, for businesses or individuals, one principal problem has been flooding the feed. When several messages or posts are published back-to-back, follower engagement could drop due to what is known as audience fatigue. This stems from overexposure or simply feeling overwhelmed by the volume of content.

Interestingly, a recent patent, US20230281663A1, proffers an innovative solution to tackle this issue. The patent submitted by Khoros – a technology company focused on social media management, is essentially a whole system dedicated to intelligently managing and organizing posts on social media platforms.

Central to this conundrum is striking a careful balance; publish too many posts too quickly, and you risk losing engagements because your audience might feel overwhelmed. Publish too slowly, and your post might not make it to your audience within the optimal time frame.

Here is where the patent shines! The system proposed by Khoros is programmed to study past responses to messages and, using that data, forecast which posts are likely to net most reactions from a user's audience, and when. The innovation here is that the system can deftly manage multiple posts, dotting them across an optimal timeline, to avoid post overcrowding and ensure maximum reactions.

Imagine a world where businesses or individuals have precise control over their social media influence. For instance, a restaurant wanting to advertise their new lunch specials, weekend events, or happy hour deals. Currently, the restaurant has the option of publishing all these posts immediately or scheduling them manually for later (where it might not reach the audience at the right time). With the patented system, the restaurant's social media posts would be optimized automatically in a way that each post reaches its customers at the right time when they are most likely to engage.

However, it's important to remember that patents are merely the first step in a long journey towards an actual product. While it all sounds promising right now, it remains to be seen if the actual product will materialize in the market. So, stay tuned for what future holds for this ingenious solution in the capricious world of social media marketing.

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