Patent published on August 17, 2023

KnowBe4's Handy Tool Measures Your Computer Safety Skills and Scam Alertness

In our increasingly digital age, knowing how to protect oneself from computer scams and security breaches is a skill many need, but not all possess. A recent patent US20230259861A1 from KnowBe4, a leader in modern security awareness training, seeks to simplify security training and make it personalized for every user.

The patent reveals a system designed to determine a person's skill level in computer safety and their awareness of potential scam threats. Here, the metrics are not drawn from overt numbers but from assessing the user's knowledge, their reaction to risk, and even their group's safety habits. A comparative scale is even provided to test a user's safety knowledge against an established standard, making it a valuable tool to gauge readiness against ever-evolving threats.

This system isn't just about figures but builds functionality around behaviors. Through various methods such as quizzes, behavior detection, and skills-based assessments, it crafts a personalized view of every user's security knowledge. The software even simulates phishing campaign results, a popular method used by digital criminals today.

Yet, the patent extends beyond individual assessments. It takes a broader view to calculate security culture health within groups, reflecting how security-wise an organization is. This opens up the possibility for companies to improve their overall digital security culture, another step in tackling cybercrime at its root.

One of the patented system's distinct advantages over conventional approaches is the centralizing of servers, which reportedly augments system manageability, data security, physical security, and performance. This system reportedly allows for more efficient use of server resources, an important step in an age where resource optimization is vital.

The accompanying figures in the patent give a sense of the architecture involved. Simplified charts and graphs offer readers a view into how the KnowBe4 system carefully analyzes multiple elements to arrive at an individual or group's security standing.

As with most patents, it's important to note that these developments are currently just a promise. While KnowBe4 has been awarded the patent, there's no guarantee that this system will make it to market. If it does, it could represent a significant step forward in empowering individuals and organizations to improve their computer security skills and awareness.

Remember, in the risky cyber world, knowledge is your best defense. With KnowBe4's patent, that knowledge might become more accessible and personalized than ever.

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