Patent published on August 15, 2023

Practice the Fight against Hackers with KnowBe4's PhishER: A Computer Game for Companies to Learn Cybersecurity

With cyber threats looming overhead like ominous storm clouds, cybersecurity has never been more critical - or more complex. Helping organizations realize this, tech giant KnowBe4 is preparing to change the game. A newly revealed patent from the company, labeled under the identification number US11729203B2, aims to blend the seriousness of corporate cybersecurity training with the entertaining simplicity of video games, creating an approachable and effective teaching tool.

The cornerstone of this unique invention, aptly titled "KnowBe4's PhishER", is its simulation technique. Like a virtual fire drill for cyber threats, it unleashes simulated cyber attacks on a company's computer systems, giving employees an authentic experience of what a real digital invasion would look like.

Cybersecurity threats have become an expensive headache for businesses worldwide. From data breaches to malware, they claw millions of dollars from companies annually, and unfortunately, their sting is only getting sharper with each passing year. Worse, they can damage a company's reputation, causing clients to question their trust in the organization.

KnowBe4's PhishER tackles this issue head-on. The system allows companies to test-drive their response to a cyber-attack in a safe and controlled environment. Finally, an engaging scorecard method communicates the outcome of their response to the faux-security breach, observational lessons that could quite literally save companies millions.

Notably, this patent projects potential benefits beyond the immediate engagement of cybersecurity training. The simulations will run on high-density rack systems alongside storage systems in an enterprise data center. It promises improved data security, physical security of the system, and system performance by centralizing these devices.

But an invention is only as good as its usability. The ingenuity of this invention lies not only in its training technique but also its ease of interpretation. Just as diagrams in a science book simplify complex phenomena, the patent comes accompanied by technical figures that detail the computing architecture and various implementation methods, hence painting a clear picture of its essence in action.

However, it's critical to remember this innovative brainchild, intriguing as it may be, is currently just a patent. Like any invention, there's no guarantee it'll grace the open market. Still, considering the pressing cybersecurity threats businesses face daily, KnowBe4's PhishER might just be the game-changing solution companies worldwide have been waiting for.

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