Patent published on September 7, 2023

LeapXpert's New Patent Could Organize Business Communications Across Apps

In an era defined by digital communication, modern companies big and small are grappling with the organization and management of communication channels, especially when communicating with clients. This problem is particularly stark in sectors such as financial institutions and law firms where sensitive conversations are the norm. Often, employees use their personal messaging accounts to converse with clients, leading to issues of data security, loss of important information, and overall lack of control for the organization.

The inherent issues have led companies to consider alternatives, but the solutions are riddled with drawbacks. Establishing company accounts on various messaging systems only exacerbates the problem, requiring individual management of these channels, much like postal mailboxes. For smaller companies, this might be manageable - but as the company scales, this approach creates more problems than it solves.

Enter a new patent named "Internal Message Routing System And Method" bearing the patent number US20230283579A1, by the innovative tech organization LeapXpert. Designed to tackle these exact pain points, the patent describes a system that collects messages from various external messaging platforms, directs them to a central point where they are sorted, and sends them off to the identified individual or role within the organization. It provides an efficient re-routing of all these scattered communication threads into a coherent, easily manageable dialogue.

For instance, an external customer who uses WhatsApp or WeChat for communication may wish to communicate directly with a specific department or even the CEO. The patented system helps messages from the customer reach the intended recipient within the organization directly without having the recipient's dedicated user account on these platforms nor does the customer need to know the recipient's exact contact detail. The re-routing takes place through a special company account on a common internal platform, ensuring security, efficiency and preventing information loss when employees change roles or leave.

Once a widespread adoption of this system is gained, the communication landscape of businesses could shift dramatically. It would mean effortless, streamlined communication channels for organizations and clients alike. Clients would have the freedom to use their preferred messaging platforms, and their messages would still end up with the intended recipient. Companies, on the other hand, could breathe easy with a unified, easily monitored system that effectively handles their client communications without jeopardizing data security or increasing administrative overhead.

P.S.: Please note that this patent is currently only an invention, and there is no guarantee it will come to market. But if it does, its potential impact is worth watching.

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