Patent published on July 13, 2023

Levi Strauss Unveils AI-Powered System to Transform Your Closet into Your Personal Apparel Collection

Levi Strauss, the iconic American apparel company, has unveiled an AI-powered system that could revolutionize the way we shop for clothes. The system, which is protected by patent US20230220612A1, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people create their own personalized collections of clothing.

The AI-enabled system uses an image of a person wearing an outfit to create a 3D virtual model which can be used to automatically replace the current clothing in the image with clothes from a collection. The system can identify the clothing that is currently being worn in the image and then modify a preview image of the replacement clothes to fit the exact size and shape of the image.

This technology could be extremely useful for people who want to quickly and easily update their wardrobe. With the AI-powered system, shoppers can create their own virtual closet and try on new clothes without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. The system can also be used to experiment with different looks and styles before making a purchase.

The AI-powered system could also have a positive impact on the fashion industry. By using AI to create and curate collections, fashion brands could create more personalized experiences for shoppers and create new collections more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

The AI-powered system could also be used to help people create custom-made clothing. The system could be used to create 3D scans of a person’s body, which could then be used to create clothing that is tailored to the individual’s exact measurements. This could lead to more accurate and comfortable fits for clothing, as well as more unique and fashionable designs.

At this time, it is unclear if the AI-powered system developed by Levi Strauss will ever come to market. However, the potential for this technology is exciting and could have a significant impact on the way we shop for clothes. Levi Strauss’s patent US20230220612A1 could be a big step toward revolutionizing the apparel industry and making fashion more personalized and accessible for everyone.

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