Patent published on July 25, 2023

Levi Strauss Introduces Interactive Design Tool for Apparel Creation and Preview

Levi Strauss, the iconic American clothing brand, has recently unveiled a revolutionary way to create and preview apparel designs. This new interactive design tool is set to revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing designers to take their creative ideas from concept to reality in no time.

The technology, patented under US11708663B2, uses special software and lasers to make a design look as if it has been worn. This means that users can create new designs for clothes and get an accurate preview of how they will look in 3D before they are made.

The idea for this technology originated from the company’s founder, Levi Strauss, who first opened his business in 1853 during the California Gold Rush. As the miners and prospectors needed durable clothing, Strauss developed the now-familiar jeans. He wanted to create a product that could withstand the hard work conditions of the miners and prospectors.

The interactive design tool is set to make the process of creating and previewing apparel designs much simpler, faster and more accurate. Designers are able to experiment with their ideas and make changes to adjust the fit, colour and texture of the garment in a matter of minutes.

The technology also eliminates the need for a patternmaker, as designers are able to create the pattern for a garment themselves. They can layer materials on top of each other and then use the laser to cut out pieces of fabric for the garment design. This makes the process of creating apparel easier and more cost-effective.

This technology also has potential applications outside of the fashion industry. It could be used in the automotive industry to help design car interiors, in the furniture industry to create custom furniture pieces, and even in the medical industry to create prosthetics and customised medical devices.

Levi Strauss has put a lot of effort into developing this technology and it is expected to revolutionise the way we create and preview apparel designs. The patent for this technology is still pending, so there is no telling whether this technology will be used in the near future or not. However, the possibilities of this technology are endless and it could potentially revolutionise the way we design and create products.

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