Patent published on August 24, 2023

LG's New Patent: Box that Might Sterilize and Charge Your Watch

In today's consistently evolving digital world, life has become increasingly dependent on gadgets, especially wearable technology like smartwatches and wireless earbuds. Yet, a rising health concern associated with these wearables is entering our field of view: the rapid growth of bacteria which can lead to ear infections resulting from the accumulation of humidity in the ear due to prolonged wear. This growing concern is what electronic giant, LG, has set out to solve in their newly filed patent US20230269523A1, titled 'ELECTRONIC DEVICE'.

The issue arises as more users wear their devises like earphones for longer durations, creating a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive, both in the user's ear and device. Alongside the potential of developing otitis externa, a common form of ear infection, there exists the challenge of sterilizing the device without damaging its components or jeopardizing user's safety. Moreover, the addition of more sterilizing units could lead the device to become bulky, heavy and expensive, compromising usability.

Enter LG's revolutionary patent, a special box for wearable gadgets. In layman terms, this box acts as a holder and a sterilization unit for your device. It houses a light source that emits rays to sterilize your device while it's mounted in the holder. This box doubles up as a charging unit for your watch or earbuds, fulfilling the long-needed requirement of a sterilizing method for wearable gadgets.

Envision a world post the adoption of this patent technology. Not only would the users enjoy decreased risks of ear infections, but they would also enjoy longer-lasting wearable gadgets due to enhanced durability owing to the waterproofing capability of the box. A typical New Yorker could potentially cleanse and charge their smartwatch overnight in this box, ensuring a sanitized device ready by morning to accompany them during a jog through Central Park. On their subway commute to work, the box could sterilize and charge their wireless earbuds keeping them ready for a long day of calls and music.

However, while this box's design is promising, it's essential to remember that it is merely a gadget patent at this point. There's no certainty whether it will make its grand appearance on the shelves of your nearby electronics stores. While LG's proposal to effectively decrease the frequency of ear infections due to wearable gadgets while improving the durability and design of the devices does show promise, only time will tell if this new patent box will become a household item for wearable tech enthusiasts.

P.S. The patent's listed diagrams give detailed insights into how this special box can charge and effectively sterilize your wearable gadgets with minimal user interaction – making it a potentially user-friendly solution to steer clear of unwanted bacteria!

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