Patent published on March 1, 2016

LG’s Smartwatch Will Save Many Lives

LG’s new SmartWatch will analyze how a driver is feeling – fatigued, anxious, happy, sad – to make daily commutes safe.

Road rage, drowsy condition, emotional stress, and over excitement, you know what’s common in all these things? A road accident! Nearly 44% of road accidents happen due to a driver’s lack of attention or his unfavorable emotional state.

People often fall asleep – due to fatigue – and smash their vehicle onto another vehicle or something else. It has become a common occurrence and is increasing day by day.

LG wants to cut such instances using a Smartwatch, hints their recent patent application. The smart watch will take a driver’s safety to a whole new level by monitoring how he is feeling.

The watch will be able to sense whether you should drive or not, and if you’re not in a good condition and still want to drive, the watch will do its best to make it as safe as possible. Well, that what LG’s new patent says!

What this watch is promising to do for you –

As a normal watch, it will monitor your daily activities like the time you wake up, your working hours, the time you spend on exercise, your diet, etc. It will also be able to monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG) to accurately determine your physical state.

Based on the information, the watch then creates primary data of your normal condition and saves it for later use.

Let’s suppose, you had an exhausting day in office and you’re now pretty tired and dizzy. Because you should not drive in this condition, this is what your watch will do…

The watch will compare your current state with your normal condition data it saved before. And as soon as you approach your car and prepare to drive, it will notify with vibration or by a tone that you should not drive at the moment.

The watch will recommend you to rest for a while to make yourself comfortable for driving. It will even suggest you music based on how you are feeling at that moment to make you feel better.

And as a backup decision, (if you ignore what watch said and keep driving) it will suggest you the route with least traffic i.e. a small road, not a highway or fast lanes.

And yes, it can sense as you approach your car. How?

The watch uses proximity sensor, microphone, and camera pretty neatly to figure it out. Your hand’s pressure on steering wheel, car’s door & ignition voice, and some other info help it to guess that.

Pretty smart for a smart watch, ain’t it?

As the technology is growing, more methods have developed to make driving safe. Recently, An AI company disclosed a smart driving assistant which will help a driver in complex driving conditions.

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