Patent published on August 31, 2023

New Patent May Elevate Little Dog Live's VR Concert Sound Quality

Streams of rock concerts, theater performances, and sports events have been finding their way to our living rooms for years. But despite the convenience, something has always been missing - the real-life, 360-degree surround sound experience. Enter patent US20230276189A1, which is set to solve this age-old issue.

The problem revolves around a technical hiccup. When a live event is streamed to our devices, the multi-channel audio captured at the event is typically mixed on site to studio quality and transmitted over a network to us. This presents a different, even less engaging experience than being present at the event. Hence, viewers often feel detached from the scene, missing the enveloping sense of being amidst the live action.

The recent patent filed under the name "Real-Time Sound Field Synthesis by Modifying Produced Audio Streams" is a unique solution to this issue. Throughout the live event, sound is captured from different locations at the venue. This sound is then manipulated and mixed together to generate a top-notch quality audio stream. This stream is adjusted in real-time in accordance with the viewer's head movements, offering an illusion of being physically present at the event.

The world after this innovation will be truly exciting. The patent would fundamentally alter the way we experience concerts, shows, or sports events at our convenience. Imagine donning virtual reality headset to enjoy 'Little Dog Live VR Concert Experience', and as you turn your head, the sound changes direction, making you feel as if you're standing right in the middle of the concert venue. Or consider watching a football match and being able to hear the surge of excitement ripple through the crowd as the winning goal is scored, all from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, the system would go a step further to cater to individual users, modifying the audio stream to suit each viewer's unique cranial structure and venue preferences. This creates a custom, immersive sound for each viewer.

The system described in patent US20230276189A1 could revolutionize home entertainment, offering a deeply immersive audio-visual experience to viewers. It would bring the exhilaration and passion of live events straight to our living rooms, making remote experiences seem virtually real. However, please note that this is a patent, and whether it will make it into the market is something only time can tell.

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