Patent published on August 22, 2023

LivePerson Patent: Your Computer Might Start Texting You

Every day, businesses face the mammoth task of reaching out to their customers efficiently. This trickles down to issues of ignored emails and messages, unanswered phone calls, and overall, a sense of miscommunication. Amidst these concerns, LivePerson, a pioneering technology firm, appears to have found a groundbreaking solution to this age-old problem with their new patent numbered US11736430B2.

At the very heart of this problem lies the fact that traditional modes of communication between companies and their clientele have proved ineffective or too slow. This results in a great amount of vital information getting lost in the void. Moreover, the customer's experience with the brand takes a hit due to undesirable or unresponsive communication methods.

LivePerson's novel patent aims to provide a proactive solution to such issues. Going by its title 'Systems and methods for a proactive two-way conversation', it's clear that the patent underlines the importance of opening the right channels of communication. The invention ensures that a computer can initiate an engaging chat with customers, much like how friends strike up a conversation over text messages. If the initial mode of communication doesn't get through, the system finds an alternate way to deliver the message, ensuring the customer has access to the necessary information.

The system’s dynamism doesn't stop there. It has the capability to choose an appropriate person or party to respond to the client's reply. To better illustrate how this works, think of situations where a customer calls a business. Instead of getting an auto-generated answering machine with a series of options, the customer directly hears from a human representative who properly addresses their concerns.

This innovation is aptly portrayed in the numerous figures accompanying the patent, showing different scenarios where the proactive messaging service assists brands in connecting with their customers in a much more streamlined and effective manner.

In an age where communication is key, this solution comes as a game changer. Imagine opening your laptop and instead of a flurry of unread promotional emails, you receive a personalized computer-generated message offering you a product you've shown interest in before. Not only will this make the customer feel more valued, but businesses will also be able to foster stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

But as this technology is still in its patent stage, there is no guarantee it will make its way to the market any time soon. Nevertheless, it does open up new horizons for fostering effective communication in the digital era.

P.S: This information is based on a patent and might not come to life in a product or service. However, it provides a glimpse into what the future of business-to-customer communication may look like.

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