Patent published on April 16, 2024

New Invention Allows Easy Sharing of 360-Degree Photo Booth Pictures

Innovative Patent Solves Sharing Dilemmas in 360-Degree Photo Booths

A recently published patent by Marvel Technology (China) Co. may soon revolutionize the way we share pictures taken in 360-degree photo booths. With patent number US11962890B1, this invention addresses the core problem of limited accessibility and sluggish processes that hinder the seamless sharing of photos captured in these immersive settings.

360-degree photo booths have gained popularity as a unique and engaging way to capture memorable moments. However, one major hurdle this patent aims to solve is the issue of long queues and low equipment usage efficiency. Unlike shared bicycles and chargers, where multiple oversupply products cater to users' needs, 360-degree photo booths are typically limited in number. Consequently, multiple users often find themselves impatiently waiting in lengthy queues.

Moreover, the sharing of video files collected by 360-degree photo booths presents further challenges. Unlike audio files collected by shared karaoke machines, video files require processing, rendering, and transmission to a specified receiving terminal, resulting in a time-consuming and inefficient transfer process. This predicament exacerbates user frustrations and exacerbates wait times.

Enter the automatic sharing system and method for 360-degree photo booths, which promises an elegant solution to these issues. To begin, users utilize their mobile phones to inform the booth of the intended recipient of their shared photo. The booth generates a unique code on the user's phone, which serves as a validation key. A verification device then checks the code's authenticity, granting or denying access to the booth accordingly. Once authorized, the booth promptly transmits the desired picture to the intended recipient.

The benefits of this patent extend beyond efficient queue management. Drawing inspiration from successful ventures in the shared economy like shared bicycles and chargers, this automatic sharing method for 360-degree photo booths not only optimizes equipment usage but also streamlines the process for users. By eliminating long wait times in queues, individuals can enjoy a more seamless experience in sharing their moments. Additionally, access permissions can be customized, granting multiple mobile terminals the ability to access and enjoy corresponding shared video works.

Looking ahead, a world with this innovative patent in practice would foster a vibrant shared commercial economy within the 360-degree photo booth space. Users would have the practical convenience of paying a single fee to access a shared booth without the need to purchase an entire unit. Beyond shopping malls and entertainment venues, shared 360-degree photo booths might find their way into a variety of settings, enabling the public to capture cherished memories with ease and efficiency.

While this patent, with its automatic sharing system and method for 360-degree photo booths, offers immense promise, it is essential to note that the market's reception and implementation is uncertain. Nonetheless, if realized, this invention could mark a significant stepping stone towards revolutionizing the way we share our immersive and captivating photo booth moments.

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